About Aarudraa

Health promotion has been the main area of focus at Aarudraa Homoeopathic Health Care Centre.

About Aarudraa

Health promotion has been the main area of focus at Aarudraa Homoeopathic Health Care Centre. Care at Aarudraa goes beyond disease alleviation and ensures that the person lives healthy.

Started in 1998 as a Homoeopathic clinic , the centre has evolved over the years into a truly Holistic Health Care Centre by adding more health care facets like Psychological guidance and counselling, Nutritional care guidance and Wellness counselling.

The logo of Aarudraa has been designed on the concept of “Deep roots and Tall trees”, which means that a tree can rise to a great height if its roots have grown deeper and stronger. Likewise a person can excel in all aspects of life if his / her health is properly nurtured .

Dr.B.Anantharaman, completed his Bachelor of Homoeopathic Medicine and Surgery from the prestigious Fr.Muller’s Homoeopathic Medical College and did his Masters in Psychology from Madras university and a Masters in Counselling and Psychotherapy from Tamilnadu Open University.

He was a lecturer , Department of Anatomy, Sri Sairam Homoeopathic Medical College and Research Centre, Chennai .( 2001- 2003).

Presently a visiting faculty, Department of Physiology, SSHMC, Chennai.

General Secretary, Tamil nadu Chapter , Indian Homoeopathic Medical Association

Team Member, Dr.Kopikkar’s Foundation for Homoeopathy, Chennai.

Former executive committee member , Tamil nadu Homoeopathic Medical Association

Former Secretary, Chennai Chapter, Indian Homoeopathic Medical Association.

Mrs.Vidya Anantharaman holds a Masters degree in Food Science and Nutrition and takes care of the Nutrition guidance programme.

Best Homeopathy Doctors in Ashok Nagar

Best Homeopathy Doctors in Ashok Nagar An amazing company is nothing without their employees and we are nothing without our highly trained and experienced doctors whose only objective is to keep you mentally and physically sound. With years of practice and treatment we hone the Best Homeopathy Doctors in Ashok Nagar. Our consultants work every single day to serve you and we believe you deserve our hospitality and love and care. Love and care heals things that even time can’t.

Our best team of consultants consists of Dr. Anantharaman. B; Dr. Ashok Kumar. M; Dr. Shankar. Ga; Dr.S. Sowkanth; Dr.P. Sunitha and Dr.V. Veerapathiran. A high compliance of utilization of homeopathic medicines have risen due to it’s nature of being safe and non-addictive. Some might think it does not cure worsen diseases but you are wrong, homeopathic medicines are best for curing acute as well as chronic diseases. Our illustrated doctors helps in curing psychological barriers and also offers counseling that consists of family counseling, healthy stress management, geriatric counseling, premarital counseling and several others that makes us the clinic with the Best Homeopathy Doctors in Ashok Nagar.

When a genie gives you three wishes, you wish for being omnipotent with the very first one. Now imagine getting all the necessary and the best homeopathic care under one roof, now that is what I call unlimited power! Our body is just like a plant, we put the seeds, provide enough air and water and all the nutrition and one fine day it is fully grown to humongous tree which is stoic and oh so powerful that no one can bring harm up on us. We need the right guidance to grow into a stoic tree. We provide immaculate diagnosis and treatment that eradicates the chances of the problems recurring. A physician’s role in guiding any individual for their well being must go beyond to treat health disorders and serve everyone personally in order to make them asset.

Health has become a fashion now and everyone wants to show off their toned bodies. Now not all can be models. They stick to various diets that make them reduce their intake completely less at the very beginning and 90% of them quit because they are not able to adapt to the new diet. Our doctors provide you with the right nutritional diets that actually suits your bodies and at the same time fill your stomach. Eating less or not eating at all does not give you six pack abs. It is the will to adapt and rectify and follow the dietary system offered by our illustrated doctors for your well being will provide you with the results you desire. Our clinic did not become the host of Best Homeopathy Doctors in Ashok Nagar overnight it was because of their dedication and hard work. When we can, then you CAN TOO!

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